A little bit about me

Hey! I’m Christa and like you, I have business that I run online. I don’t have just one business but two. Plus 2 young kids. Life at many times can feel overwhelming but social media doesn’t have to.

Like many people, I have also struggled with keeping up with all the things when it comes to social media. What to post, when to post, how often to post. Honestly, it becomes very overwhelming, very fast. That is when I decided to break down all the steps of what I truly need to do to be able to impact my community.

What I realized is that many people overcomplicate social media, especially Instagram. And I want to show you that Instagram doesn’t need to cause you the stress and overwhelm that you have been experiencing.

I have taken the time to go through those free courses and I have spent hours reading blogs and watching YouTube videos so that I could create step by step tools for you, to give you the confidence to move forward with Instagram for your business.