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Social Media shouldn’t be stressful or overwhelming.

And many of us feel like we are constantly pulling out our hair when it comes to social media.

We don’t know what to do

We don’t know what to say

We don’t where to show up

Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone just gave us the ingredients to the secret sauce of social media and answer those questions for us like…

Why should I create Videos for social media?

Can I use my personal FB page to promote my business?

What do I even say?

This is when we (Tammy, Christa & Sandra) decided to put our heads together and create the Stop Pulling Your Hair Out – Social Media Workshop.

Each one of us is an expert in a different area of Social Media!

Tammy is the Facebook Queen

Christa is all about the message

Sandra is building your confidence through Videos

We have tested, tried many different strategies that we want to bring to you.

Watch this jam packed workshop to discover different tools you can use to build your business using social media!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 90 minute training
  • 30 minutes Q&A
  • 30 Day Content Calendar

Topics that we cover:

  • Get clear on who you are speaking to and the message that you are sharing with them.
  • The Importance of Creating Video Content
  • How do use your Personal FB Timeline strategically
  • And so much more…

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you always knew what you were going to post?  Or if you had a better understanding on how the different social media platforms worked?

Don’t allow these challenges to hold you back anymore!

For $30 cad, grab the recording & 30 day content calendar today!

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